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The tablets

Classified in three collections, our tablets are made from cocoa that originates from fair trade, selected for their origins, guaranteeing you exceptional flavors and taste notes.

Pure cocoa butter, natural vanilla, without preservatives or coloring, all the ingredients are carefully selected for a perfect harmony in the mouth.


Are you short on time or are you too far to come to the store?

A range of tablets is available in our online store.

Special conditions of delivery on Vence or shipments throughout France and abroad.


Rare Origin Collection

Haiti 75%

Venezuela Sur del Lago 72%

Venezuela Chuao Criollo 75%

Tanzania 75%

Origin Collection

Ghana 85%

Grenade Mahoë 76%

Ecuador Ariba milk 75%

Brazil Sao Tome 70%

Madagascar 72%

Trinidad & Tobago 64%

Santo Domingo 70%

Peru Apurimac 75%

Cuba 70%

Ivory Coast 67%

Vietnam Li Chu 64%

Ivory Coast Organic Chocolate

Ivory Coast Vidamà Milk 38%

Creator Collection

Candied Orange

Lemon confit


Candied Fruit White Chocolate

White Chocolate Cappuccino

Hazelnut White Chocolate






Espelette pepper

Fleur de Sel

White chocolate

Pecan - Cranberry

Walnuts - Raisins

Maple syrup

French Milk Chocolate

Maltitol chocolate (sugar free)

Available at the chocolate factory

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